Alexander Technique

«….in the mind of man lies the secret of his ability to resist, to conquer and finally to govern the circumstance of his life, and only by the discovery of that secret will he ever be able to realise completely the perfect codnition of mens sana in corpora sano.»

(F. Matthias Alexander – Man’s Supreme Inheritance).

The Alexander Technique is the study of thinking in relation to movement

Donald Weed


During lessons in the Alexander Technique students discover that they can have control of their movements and can thus rid themselves from:

  • Muscular tension
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of quality in performance
  • Lack of strength and speed in movement

Through the study and application of the Alexander Technique students discover how to:

  • Release muscular tension
  • Improve their performance
  • Experience freedom
  • Be able to apply strength
  • Use all of their potentialities


According to Dr Donald Weed, one of the main discoveries of F.M. Alexander was a new category of problems: propriogenic problems, or problems that are the result of something that we are doing to ourselves.

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Injury in the hands, arms and shoulders as a result of misuse and overuse is a problem that millions of computer users cause to themselves

Injuries in the hands, neck and back as a result of misuse and overuse is a problem that thousands of surgeons and physiotherapists cause to themselves

The Alexander Technique can help all of us if our problems are the result of the way we interfere with our movement.

In applying the Alexander Technique, students often free themselves from chronic or sever pains and musculoskeletal problems. They achieve this by stopping the interference that they impose on themselves.


Therefore, the Alexander Technique is not a therapy and it is not an alternative medical modality. It is a learning process.